Faithful reproductions of valuable or favourite paintings, prints or illustrations

Please note: we are sorry that due to high workload we are not able to take on any more printing work at the moment

Printing for Artists

If faithful reproduction of your picture or painting is very important to you read on. We are not a print shop. We are artists and have been printing our own work for many years, always striving to get the best results possible. Other people have seen what we can achieve and have asked us to print for them. You can get your painting reproduced as a giclee print.

Colour, colour, colour

But most of all you want the colours to be right.   Artists spent a lot of time and effort , making hundreds of decisions about all the colours in a painting, you want the prints to look exactly the same.

As artists ourselves we fully understand, and with an artists eye we do everything possible to achieve that goal.

We use a 12 colour giclee printer that currently has the widest colour gamut available.  We scan in-house and use colour calibration equipment.  But most of all, we are artists, and we see as artists.


Watercolours can be problematic to scan, especially in areas of thin washes.   We use professional digital photograhic equipment in-house.  No wash burn-out.

A joint venture

If you would like to sit in with us while we do the final tweaking of proofs you will be very welcome.    


We have been printing high quality giclees for our own artwork since the late 90's. Over the years some artists asked us to print for them.  They were all looking for more accurate reproductions.  
Contact us and see what we can do for you.

"Finding Roger Ellis studios was like finding an oasis in a desert full of inconsistent and poor quality printing. Roger, being an accomplished artist himself, makes certain with his discerning eye that the colour and clarity of his customers image is precisely what appears on the final print. You won't find Roger Ellis among the ranks of the 'that's near enough' brigade' --- he is perfection."
Eric Bottomley GRA

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