We are sorry, but we have a backlog of commissions and will not be able to take on any more custom work for the time being.      We are always happy to print and ship any of our regular giclee maps.

We can replace one or more illustrations with your own pictures.  Working from your photos we turn them into coloured drawings in the same style as the map. 

We don't just drop your photo into some graphics programme and push a button. Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer to draw and paint in the images - that's what makes the difference.

You can choose to add names, dates and company logos.  Resorts often have scenes from the hotel dropped in, and a re-work of the title to make it more personal.

The cost will depend on the amount of work.  Email with your ideas and some pictures and we will quote for you.  There is then a set price for each print, depending on the size, whether you order one or more. (See map print prices.) 

For resorts and others wishing to order in greater quantity, we are able to offer a free design service with no charge for artwork. All we require is a minimum order of printed maps.

Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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