You can choose any size, any style and any type of map.

Getting Started 

Ideally we visit you and get your input as we take photos and sketch.  Sometimes this is just not possible and we work closely with you from afar  - but you might be surprised how far we will travel...

Do you have any particular aspects that you would like to include, such as local wildlife, flora or historical? 

What is the Cost?

Well, it depends how long the map will take us to produce - details and complexity.  Contact us with the outline and we'll give you a rough idea. If you're happy with this ballpark figure then we 'get down to more detail' and can then provide an accurate estimate. 

The Design Process

Every map project is a bit of an adventure. 

The style and shape of the map area, the choice and style of the illustrations, and choice of text and labelling all fit together to make each map unique and special.

You will see the map as it evolves.  We are able to email copies of the drawings in stages for your feedback, and make any additions and changes that you request.

Work of Art

When you are fully satisfied with the drawing, we will add colour with watercolours.

You will have a beautiful illustrated map of your chosen location. 

You can also order archaival quality copies in the form of giclee prints.  We print these in house with state of the art equipment.

Images used in the map can also be printed on stationery - we can supply these too.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to ask us anything about how you can have your own beautiful illustrated map. 

Contact us

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