We are thrilled to have been involved in another RHS gold medal show garden.

Working with top designer Paul Hervey-Brookes  we were privileged to be part of the team that won a gold medal for the Art of Viking Garden in the Space to Grow category at the Chelsea Flower Show 2019. Our main contribution was to paint a design on a very rough cast concrete pavement inspired by the sea and the foam seen in the wake of a cruise ship.

We experimented with several resins and colourants over rough and smooth textures.  A very interesting and challenging project, made partly in our barn and partly on site at Chelsea. 

Below:  from our sketch to painting on site. 


painting pavements
Paul's planting is always beautiful; a real joy to see up close. Here is the finished job. We also painted the metal chairs to look old and faded and a bit rusty!

finished show garden

Garden design by Paul Hervey-Brookes,  see Allomorphic               Hard landscaping by Big Fish , Hereford


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